Made of Earth, Made of Stars

Forgive me, this may sound crazy: a month or so ago I was pretty damn impressed by Miley Cyrus. Religious groups on the net damn near went up in arms when the young star quoted physicist Lawrence Krauss and the relationship of stars (not celebrities like Cyrus, but stars like our sun) to humans: “Forget … Continue reading

Moving On From Infinite Ammo and Getting To The Next Stage

Infinite Ammo is gone. I won’t go into the who’s and why’s here, but it has been one hell of a year working at Infinite. Getting to know the basics of online media journalism, getting to know myself better as a writer, and getting to work with other writers on a collaboration were all pretty … Continue reading

No Resolutions; But Resolute

2011 was a hell of a year. Went through trying to figure out my career, seeing my job lost through bankruptcy, having numerous unsuccessful relationships, and going through some of the worst emotional distress I’ve faced since, well, 2010 (that was a bad, bad year too, perhaps worst than ’11). And yet, like any obstacle … Continue reading


I have to apologize, because I really haven’t been spending much time here. It’s like the father who goes to work and has all of his food and pictures there, but comes home once a week for a heartbeat before stepping out again. Infinite Ammo has been both fun, frustrating and insane. We’ve had our … Continue reading


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