Concept Factory: Taking Martian Manhunter In A New Direction

Martian Manhunter Feature

With Justice League of America debuting soon, I thought I’d drag out an old idea of mine on the Martian Manhunter. This was a new direction I had planned for when he first died (and would inevitably return) and later an idea that could have been used when DC rebooted their franchise and created the … Continue reading

My Two Cents: 5 Ways to Bring Back Wally West

Flash - Wally

With the reveal of “Daniel West” in Flash #0, the Internet’s going wild trying to figure out who the hell Daniel West is, and what does it mean for Wally West? Ever since creators Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato revealed that Francis was working on a way to re-introduce Wally to the New 52 (but … Continue reading

The “Mass Effect Approach”: Making 5 New Video Game Franchises The Mass Effect Way


There’s been a lot of talk amongst gamers about how Rocksteady should create a game for like… every single DC hero, with their successful approach to creating the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. And while that’s a hell of a task to demand of a company, it was something that stayed on my mind while … Continue reading

Chronicle Review: The Best “Real World” Superhero Movie Ever?

Chronicle Feature

Hancock, eat your heart out. What happens when you combine the gimmick of the Blair Witch Project, the tone of Jumper, and the personal struggle of Akira‘s Tetsuo all into one movie? You get Chronicle. And that’s a good thing. This was Josh Trank‘s directorial debut, and both his and screenwriter Max Landis‘s first work … Continue reading

The Greatest Graphic Novels: Earth X

Earth X Feature

  Marvel Comics has had its fair share of dystopian futures and alternate realities. The Hulk: Future Imperfect, introduced an old, super-intelligent Hulk who was as smart as he was ruthless, even to his time-lost younger self. Heroes Reborn gave us the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and other heroes through a modern (and somewhat flawed) lens … Continue reading

Road to Regenesis: X-Men Schism Review

Schism Review

After a few months, the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally come. Schism #4 ended with Cyclops and Wolverine literally at each other’s throats with the largest and deadliest Sentinel the X-Men have ever faced poised to destroy everything on the X-Men’s island home of Utopia. So how did this momentous occassion wrap up? … Continue reading

Batman: The Modern Revenger: A Dissertation on Batman and Early Modern Revenge Drama


The Early Modern Era of revenge drama can essentially be boiled down to key components, a chain of events that build around a core of recurring themes and archetypes. The setting is always a place full of corruption, especially from self-serving leaders: they are vice-filled; sometimes a touch unhinged, and unbound by their power, be … Continue reading

Review: SHIELD: Architects of Tomorrow

"Moses move over: here comes Captain Eqypt!"

Ever had a family member, a bad friend, a boss, a janitor–hell, anybody–tell you they had this amazing story you had to hear? Like, right now? And then after giving you the highlights, and hooking you in on the cool parts of the story, you realize HOURS later that those cool parts were the only … Continue reading

An In-Depth Review at X-Men: First Class (Spoiler-Free… I think)


(for a quick look of this movie, check out my Review) The X-Men franchise means a lot to me. I’m an avid fan: I’ve read as many of the comic as possible; I’ve seen all of the cartoons (even “Pryde of the X-Men); I’ve seen all of the films (even the made-for-TV movie “Generation X); … Continue reading

X-Men: First Class Review: Does it Pass or Fail?

Gifted, or "Special"?

While this fun summer action flick is certainly a huge step above the previous four films, it still suffers greatly from the same mistakes: too many characters, a lack of depth, and a predictable plot. I know: sounds like I didn’t like the movie. Let me say that as an avid X-Men fan, I have … Continue reading

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