The Best Games You’ve Never Played: “Split/Second”

In an age where Need for Speed had a new game coming out every ten minutes, and Burnout was still the king of the high-speed hill, Black Rock Studios strove to do something else, something different. Enter Split/Second, a wild and welcomed departure from the usual racing game formula. __________________________________________ The Five D’s of Racing … Continue reading

Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s Game-Breaking Bug: Caution With Combot

UPDATE: 10/09/12: The bug has now been fixed by the today’s patch! And with it you get three new characters and a few other small bells and whistles! Recently I lauded how great Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is, and I wouldn’t take it back at all. But, there is a horrible game-breaking bug out right … Continue reading

Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament Just Got Even Better

As a fan of the Tekken series for a pretty longtime, it’s tough inviting friends to play with me who have never touched a Tekken game in their life. The usual responses follow any attempt I’ve ever made to get people on the Tekken bandwagon: “I hate Tekken,” or “Your lifebar goes down so low … Continue reading

Resident Evil: Retribution: Same Ol’ S**t, in 3D!!!

What can’t be said about Resident Evil: Retribution that can’t be understood by it’s trailer? Alice is back, she’s kicking ass, and you have an hour and a half to see her doing wire fu/gun kata violence before your brain explodes. Resident Evil: Retribution is the fifth movie in Resident Evil movie series, and for … Continue reading

Theories: What’s Next For the Mass Effect Franchise?

At this point I assume that the vast majority of the internet have played the Mass Effect trilogy, and have had time to play and see the endings, specifically the all new Extended Cut. After replaying it the other week, I thought back to some of the things my friends and I noticed the first … Continue reading

“Sorcery” Review: A Spell of Brevity, Frustration, and a Little Hope

It’s been a long, long (loooooong) way coming, but Sorcery is finally here. And there’s probably no reviewer who’s been looking as forward to this game more than I have. Even during one of last year’s Infinite Ammo’s roundtables on Motion Gaming, my lasting one hope was that–after Skyward Sword—Sorcery would come out, rock hard … Continue reading

PSN Essentials: Future Cop L.A.P.D.

With news that Sony would be re-releasing it to the PSN, I thought it a perfect time to look back at one of my favorite PSOne titles, Future Cop L.A.P.D., and share with the world how awesome this old game was. Generally I’m known for being a huge advocate of strong video game narratives. I’ve … Continue reading

The “Mass Effect Approach”: Making 5 New Video Game Franchises The Mass Effect Way

There’s been a lot of talk amongst gamers about how Rocksteady should create a game for like… every single DC hero, with their successful approach to creating the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham series. And while that’s a hell of a task to demand of a company, it was something that stayed on my mind while … Continue reading

“Final Fantasy: Unlimited” Review

Thanks to the Final Fantasy: Unlimited Wikia for the pictures!) With Final Fantasy XIII-2 releasing soon, and the excitement I felt playing the demo and seeing the official released game footage, I fell into a renewed love for the Final Fantasy franchise that I haven’t felt since before Final Fantasy XIII released, when I thought … Continue reading

My Unhealthy Obsession With Final Fantasy Tactics

(Note: Thanks to the Final Fantasy Tactics wikia and to the Final Fantasy Tactics Screen Shots page for pictures!) It started sometime in the early 2000’s. While everyone else had a PS2 or a Dreamcast, I was just getting a PSOne. I was late to the console race, having only ever owned an NES and … Continue reading

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