MALARKEY: Not Having It.

I had to do one more. Goodnight.

Biden Was Sitting Right There!!!

Just watched the Vice Presidential Debates… and jesus, was it a heated debate. Loved it. While I won’t say how I felt about the debate here, I will say that my girlfriend made me notice how much I loved Biden’s “I was sitting right there!” line every time he referred to Obama’s attempts at getting … Continue reading

My Two Cents: 5 Ways to Bring Back Wally West

With the reveal of “Daniel West” in Flash #0, the Internet’s going wild trying to figure out who the hell Daniel West is, and what does it mean for Wally West? Ever since creators Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato revealed that Francis was working on a way to re-introduce Wally to the New 52 (but … Continue reading

What’s Up With Dr. Pepper’s New “Manly” Ad?

Just saw today that Dr. Pepper’s released a new drink… and with it, a very male-centric commercial. Maybe it’s just me, but Dr. Pepper is the last soda I think of when I think “manly”. Matter of fact, I’m generally rather indifferent to Dr. Pepper. Not my kind of drink. But what’s with the Axe … Continue reading

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Impressions

I have yet to finish Final Fantasy XIII. I loved the gameplay enough, but after a while it could feel a bit repetitive (however very different and enjoyable). The story was my biggest pet peeve, with characters playing cookie cutter roles and dialogue consisting of the most vague notions of philosophy and emotion. I was … Continue reading

My Two Cents: Seriously, PETA, Get a Life

You see what I did there? Get a life? Mario? 1 Up? PETA are losers? Meh, you’ll get it later. But seriously, PETA, when the hell did you guys get that douchey? You hired your own cheap game designers to make your own game that has a skinned Tanooki Dog chasing Mario back for his … Continue reading

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