My Two Cents: Seriously, PETA, Get a Life

You see what I did there? Get a life? Mario? 1 Up? PETA are losers? Meh, you’ll get it later.

But seriously, PETA, when the hell did you guys get that douchey? You hired your own cheap game designers to make your own game that has a skinned Tanooki Dog chasing Mario back for his skin! Holy shit! That’s insane! (Kinda hilarious too. Adult Swim, if you’d have been just a little bit faster this game could have been yours).

Even more hilarious to me is that that’s not all: you can scroll down and download and play “Super Tofu Boy“, who’s on a quest to”Save Bandage Girl from Meat Boy’s Bloody, Jealous Rage”, and the “Super Chick Sisters” (which sounds like a game that-needs-to-be-made-NOW about the Kardashians), who are on a mission to save–wait for it, you’ll love this–“Princess Pam Anderson” from the evil clutches of the evil Ronald McDonald and his “McCruelty”, as he prepares to serve her up as part of one of his “Unhappy Meals”.

PETA may be lacking any shred of sanity they have left, but it sure as hell makes them some creative bastards.

Too bad they’re stretching a bit here too: Mario’s Tanooki Suit is based on Japan’s mythological Raccoon Dog, a shapeshifter and pleasant trickster. I don’t think I’ve seen a single child go out with a Bowie Knife looking for raccoon’s in Central Park so that they can fly or turn to stone. But if you need a little publicity and can’t do it the normal way, why not harpoon the game industry like everyone else and stick it to a harmless and iconic game franchise loved the world over?

You can check out PETA’s tediously simple yet hard-to-pass up games here, at their website.

2 Responses to “My Two Cents: Seriously, PETA, Get a Life”
  1. Ya know… I’ve never wanted to go skin an animal until reading this. : ) Seriously, the thought has never occurred to me because I really like animals. But suddenly, I realize, “Well, it would piss PETA off, so why not?”

  2. Funny that they released an update saying “Hey, don’t be so serious Mario fans, we were just kidding around, although, seriously, we think this is a serious issue and we were trying to draw attention to it”.

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