What’s Up With Dr. Pepper’s New “Manly” Ad?

Just saw today that Dr. Pepper’s released a new drink… and with it, a very male-centric commercial. Maybe it’s just me, but Dr. Pepper is the last soda I think of when I think “manly”. Matter of fact, I’m generally rather indifferent to Dr. Pepper. Not my kind of drink. But what’s with the Axe approach to using masculinity as a way to get a following?

Even energy drink commercials don’t attempt this approach usually because a) we don’t live in the 50s, and b) women are just as into “guy” stuff as guys are, nowadays (just like there are tons of men who like to crochet and knit, watch chick flicks, and talk about their feelings–hey, I don’t judge).

Also, who the hell sees Dr. Pepper as a manly drink? And this is while the “mascot” is telling you that Dr. Pepper TEN has “10 manly calories”. I don’t think Ron Swanson and Brock Samson count calories when eating their steak and bacon and washing it down with scotch and whiskey.

I’ll end with this: if you have to convince people of something, it usually means you’re trying way too hard (it’s what Momma Mechanica told me anyways). Even as I write this I’m watching that new Reebok commercial where the guy and girl compete with each other in the gym, throwing over huge tires , running relays, sweating their asses off, but keeping up with each other. And who could forget that “Anything you can do, I can do better” Michael VS Mia gatorade commercial from some years ago?

I’m curious whether some survey told Dr. Pepper that their core demographic were males 13 to 24 or something. But in a world where people get very serious over gender roles, I’m surprised they’d risk alienating females when everyone was fine with Dr. Pepper being “that other soda on tap when Coke or Pepsi runs out”.


6 Responses to “What’s Up With Dr. Pepper’s New “Manly” Ad?”
  1. Quick survey: nobody drinks it. I see people drinking Diet coke (under the false impression that it’s so much healthier than regualer coke). Frankly, they saw the Old Spice commercial and decided let’s copy that for men, but do it two years later. That drink will be going to Coke zero or coke max heaven.

    • Everything about it is so silly to me. It’s like your 50 yr old dad trying to dip his pants down to look “hip”. They should have taken a cue from the Dos Equis commercials and done something that pulls off being cool without trying to act like it’s cool. Hell, the Old Spice commercial pulls that off by having a super awesome mascot. But then again, Old Spice is a deodorant for men: Dr. Pepper is soda.

  2. Nicole says:

    This is probably the result of some market research which may have determined that more men drink dr.pepper and that men are looking to lose weight.

    • I was wondering whether it was due to some survey over what demographics most commonly drink their stuff. As Greg said tho, I don’t know anyone who drinks this often enough to warrant a new marketing scheme

  3. Rachel says:

    I’m just glad to read that people pretty much feel the same way I felt when I saw that ad on T.V. First, I hardly ever watch t.v., but happened to be passing by my family room when my husband was watching a football game and this ad appeared. First, there are a lot of women who love football also and would most likely see this ad and might be offended by the “Men Only” connotation of this ad!

    • Exactly. My girlfriend, her sisters, and her mom always watch football, have superbowl parties, and are as aware of what’s going as her brothers and uncles. I’m wondering if this is in reaction to some focus group results or a poll on their demographics, but it–to me–came out of nowhere.

      Then again, I don’t watch TV much myself, so maybe I just missed stuff like this.

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