Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s Game-Breaking Bug: Caution With Combot

UPDATE: 10/09/12: The bug has now been fixed by the today’s patch! And with it you get three new characters and a few other small bells and whistles!

Recently I lauded how great Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is, and I wouldn’t take it back at all. But, there is a horrible game-breaking bug out right now that could ruin your experience with the game until Namco Bandai fixes it.

Thanks to the Tekken Forums, the problem has been found. In Fight Lab, players are able to equip a huge variety of moves from all of TTT2’s cast to the Combot, allowing players to tailor the robot to their desire and customize their ultimate fighter. BUT it seems that if you equip Combot with any moves from the DLC characters–Angel, Kunimitsu, True Ogre, or Michelle–the game gives this error message the next time you turn it on:

“Could not load the downloadable content data used in this save data.
This save data cannot be used.
Press the Playstation button to quit the game and download the content from the Playstation Store again.”


“Could not load the downloadable content data used in this save data.
This save data cannot be used.
Press the Xbox Guide button to quit the game and download the content from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace again.”

The experience of some users on the Tekken forums think it may not be a problem if you have the DLC pack that includes all four of the characters, only if you have Pack A or B which only includes two of the characters. But until Namco Bandai comments on it officially, proceed with caution, and perhaps back up your files if you want to experiment.

Again, if you equip Combot with any DLC-character’s moves, the game will work fine while you’re playing it, but the next time you boot it up the error message will appear. This affects both PS3 copies and X-Box 360 copies Despite what it says about re-downloading the DLC, your data will continue to fail: the only option to continue playing is to delete your save and start over, or hope that Namco Bandai can fix this soon.

6 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s Game-Breaking Bug: Caution With Combot”
  1. Tony says:

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate knowing this. The video game was driving me crazy with the combot customization, I had to start over 5 or 6 times…. In the end I just decided to keep playing without customizing my combot… but now I know I can do it, I just have to stop equipping DLC characters moves… let’s see if stop happening when the rest of the DLC arrive

    • I’m glad to have been some kind of help! I actually suffered the problem too, and being the stubborn guy I am, refused to delete my save until I figured out what happened. I put up a post (mine is the PS3 one) and then found the X-Box one with all the comments. There’s been an update: so far Namco Bandai has acknowledged the problem, and being that the overwhelming response to this has been unanimous in the Combot connection (and later tested specifically by fans) they think we should stick to the not-using-DLC-Moves idea until their programmers can figure out a solution and patch it.

      Let’s hope it’s soon.

      I loved this game entirely too much to be sidelined by a simple bug. Some people think if they just released the other DLC things will work out: people who had all four DLC characters were fine. They may have to suck up the exclusivity preorder bonuses and just release them for the good of the customers.

  2. Banko Kai says:

    It’s 2015 I just want to know if that bug is fixed because I worked supper hard I had about fifty million fight and a lot of clothes for everyone and its deletes it they should give me my account back because I don’t want to start over.

    • It has been fixed! I haven’t put it on in a little while, and don’t know of any other bugs. But this particular bug most certainly fixed with a patch that came out about two weeks later. My game worked fine following the release of the patch (and I used Combot a lot).

      • Grant says:

        Hey have you figured out how to unequip rare moves? I’m trying to use the true ogre wings and I can’t find a way to make it happen. I tried to unequip the tail along with try anything from the -> LP+LK area and the game refuses to let me.

      • I’m sorry to say I’m not sure. I haven’t played this game in quite some time (I moved to another country and left some things behind with friends and family). If I find out I’ll make sure to apply here or email you.

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