Why “Dredd” Needs To Be Seen: A Spoiler-Free Review of Why Dredd Rocks

(Note: this review is based off of a 2D showing) Unless you’re a fan of British comics and pop culture, chances are you won’t be familiar with 2000 AD’s comic hero Judge Dredd unless you’ve seen the 1995 Judge Dredd movie starring Sylverster Stallone. 2012’s Dredd starring Karl Urban and directed by Pete Travis is … Continue reading

Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s Game-Breaking Bug: Caution With Combot

UPDATE: 10/09/12: The bug has now been fixed by the today’s patch! And with it you get three new characters and a few other small bells and whistles! Recently I lauded how great Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is, and I wouldn’t take it back at all. But, there is a horrible game-breaking bug out right … Continue reading

Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2: The King of the Iron Fist Tournament Just Got Even Better

As a fan of the Tekken series for a pretty longtime, it’s tough inviting friends to play with me who have never touched a Tekken game in their life. The usual responses follow any attempt I’ve ever made to get people on the Tekken bandwagon: “I hate Tekken,” or “Your lifebar goes down so low … Continue reading

Resident Evil: Retribution: Same Ol’ S**t, in 3D!!!

What can’t be said about Resident Evil: Retribution that can’t be understood by it’s trailer? Alice is back, she’s kicking ass, and you have an hour and a half to see her doing wire fu/gun kata violence before your brain explodes. Resident Evil: Retribution is the fifth movie in Resident Evil movie series, and for … Continue reading

Concept Factory: “Nightwing: Brave and the Bold”

As perhaps the most successful “legacy” character in comics (besides Wally West), sometimes Dick Grayson feels underused and under-appreciated. Dick Grayson—as Robin, Nightwing, and Batman—has fought alongside a score of heroes. He’s led the Teen Titans, the Titans, the Outsiders, and the Justice League. He’s even fought alongside major villains (while undercover of course). In … Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Nomination! One For Me, 15 For You!

If there’s one resource that’s difficult to mine as a writer, it’s motivation. Most writers I know are some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met: but sometimes it seems like we leveled a 3 story house of mirrors, our luck is so bad. I’m not sure what we did to piss off Lady … Continue reading

Review: “Old Man’s War” by John Scalzi

Having finally read Robert Heinlein’s pivotal Starship Troopers for the first time this year, I’ve been starving for more good military sci-fi novels. Heinlein’s influential story has inspired movies and huge gaming franchises like Halo and Starcraft and especially books, of course. John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War joins the ranks not only as an ode … Continue reading

The Truth Behind Pac Man: The MADNESS of MISSION 6

UPDATE: Thanks to Anto Mrb (in the comments below) I can source this shirt to the actual design! (Thanks Anto). This awesome shirt is on Threadless, and called “The MADNESS of MISSION 6,” by threadless user Travis 76. With it comes this awesome little story: _________________________________________ True story: In 1976, Cosmonaut Nikolai Peckmann was sent … Continue reading

Review: “Richard Faraday, Ghost Detective”

The witty, cunning, humorous hero has been a staple of pop-culture for as long as media and modern literature has been around. While not perfect, what makes Charlie Wilkins’ debut novel Richard Faraday, Ghost Detective novel so great is that it borrows the best conventions of genre fiction–in TV, movies, comics and literature–and turns them … Continue reading

Theories: What’s Next For the Mass Effect Franchise?

At this point I assume that the vast majority of the internet have played the Mass Effect trilogy, and have had time to play and see the endings, specifically the all new Extended Cut. After replaying it the other week, I thought back to some of the things my friends and I noticed the first … Continue reading

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