One Lovely Blog Nomination! One For Me, 15 For You!

If there’s one resource that’s difficult to mine as a writer, it’s motivation.

Most writers I know are some of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met: but sometimes it seems like we leveled a 3 story house of mirrors, our luck is so bad. I’m not sure what we did to piss off Lady Fortuna, but finding the time, energy, and motivation to write when you’re in-between jobs (or working at a shitty one), having domestic trouble, going through medical problems, or just suffering from a severe case of writer’s block is not only tough, it can really break you. And worst than your typical mask wearing, Venom-steroid-taking Gotham criminal mastermind with an ego trip and a weird accent.

And that’s why I was gracious and honored to not only receive the One Lovely Blog Nomination from My Two Caps (an awesome blog on all things geek [especially gaming stuff]) but also to be given the chance to pass along this nomination to others. Others who write, write diligently, write consistently, and write because it seems they have to. It’s just who they are, it’s part of their body chemistry, it’s in their DNA, it’s in their soul. And reading/finding blogs like these not only keeps me entertained, but also inspires me to keep my head in the game, and keep writing because I love it. And like My Two Caps, I definitely want to keep having fun following gaming, literature, movies, and humor (and sharing my thoughts with you all) because I’m fairly certain it’s the only thing keeping me sane (but only moderately: too sane, and I’d lose the juice that powers my writing mojo).

Before, I continue, let me state the rules that follow this nomination (nothing too major, and all helpful to the wordpress community):

  •  Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  •  Share 7 things about yourself
  •  Nominate 15 bloggers you admire
  • Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

That said, here are 7 things about myself (a secret between just me and you, I swear):

  • I love humor. My range of tastes varies with my mood, but I grew up loving parodies like Top Secret and the Naked Gun series, watching teen comedies like Weird Science and Once Bitten, moved onto skit shows like Mad TV, SNL, and In Living Color, and eventually started watching all kinds of sitcoms, from Seinfeld and the Nanny (my girlfriend got me into that, I promise) to How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Community and Parks and Recreation.
  • I love all music. Grew up with a dad who still used a record player most of my childhood and had interests in everything from classical to rhythm and blues to rock to jazz. Spent a lot of my youth watching music videos (some of my favorites including Michael Jackson and Weird Al Yankovich’s stuff).
  • I’ve been a gamer all my life. Pretty much. Since I was six I had the ultra unknown system the Vextrex: had it’s own monitor and built-in joystick and even a built-in game. From there I “graduated” to a Gameboy and eventually an NES, and since then I’ve pretty much owned every NES and Playstation console (except for the Wii and the DS systems). Also had a stint of time when I just got a computer and was hooked onto the old DOS games, like Corridor 7, Terminal Velocity, and a ton of demos.
  • Even longer than I’ve been a gamer I’ve been a comic geek, starting with an insane love for the X-Men and Batman (especially considering the mature 90s cartoon shows) and my uncle letting me read every DC comic he owned. When I was just a kid, I read titles including the 70’s Spectre and Captain Marvel series, the Silver Age Flash and Green Lantern stuff, and a bunch of Superman and Justice League comics (including the Death of Superman… pretty intense for a 6 year old). I’m currently still a huge comic fan, though I prefer graphic novels to single issues, and lately have been annoyed with the mainstream stuff (like a lot of DC’s New 52 and Marvel’s Avengers VS X-Men).
  • Trying to read more books of the more so-called literary type, since I diverged from regular novels to largely read graphic novels for such a long time. I still find it easier to read genre fiction, but I still look for the quality of the world’s greatest novels when I do.
  • I love genre fiction in all shapes and forms, including how it applies to real life… increasingly science fiction (as ever) becomes science fact, and I’m thankful to see some of this stuff come into being during my lifetime, and eager/hopeful to see what else will be made before it’s my time to go (I’m shooting for 121, so that by the time I shouldn’t be allowed to drink anymore, I can reach my 21st birthday a second time and have one more nightcap before I meet my maker). I’ve also have an interest in how fantasy and magic intercedes with reality, especially with the way quantum physics seems to destroy/expand upon the typical conventions of science in ways we barely understand.
  • I am a twin, a fraternal twin (not identical), and my brother is Autistic. For some it sounds cool, since the higher functioning ones are basically like quirky “normal” people and the ones with a particular type of Asperger’s have cool Rain Man-like recollection and calculating abilities. But my poor brother has none of these traits.It’s always been tough to grow up alongside him and wish we could be like those twins in The Parent Trap or Escape to Witch Mountain or what have you, having crazy adventures and fooling our teachers, but instead all I’ve seen him do is struggle to keep up, to do even simple things like tying his shoes or speaking what’s on his mind. It’s for this reason I hope there will be some breakthrough soon with our understanding of neurology, so we can–if not magically and instantly–eventually find a way to repair disorders like these and help build people’s lives who have been suffering like my brother.It’s also because of my brother that the book Flowers For Algernon really touches me.

Okay, more than enough about me. It was hard to choose, but these are my fifteen nominations (in no particular order):

IGPR: Great gaming reviews and news.
Read/Rant: Generally comics news and, uh, rants.
Louis Santiago: Creativity, insights, novel reviews, and his personal journey on writing a book.
DannyBoyOne: Pop culture meets social insights with a dash of hilarity.
Bookdreamer: Great reviews on literature (especially fantasy fiction).
Saturday Night Screening: Great movie reviews, past and present.
Douglas Ernst: Random and awesome. Nuff’ said.
Annabel Cupcake: Random and awesome, too. Nuff’ said, again.
Blizzard03: Great reviews and ramblings, especially on genre fiction.
Ash Silverlock: Fantasy reviews and a little of the author’s own fiction.
Satoshi Matrix’s Retro and Contemporary Gaming Archives: As the name suggests, great, awesome reviews or retrospectives on retro gaming.
The Dangerous Lee News and Entertainment Network: Dangerously funny, random, and awesome.
Brazen Bibliophile: Reviews, memes, and movies about books.
Naturally Uncanny Reviews: As the name suggests, naturally uncanny reviews and editorials on comics.
PimpDaddyLoveMuffin: This doesn’t sound as bad as you–nevermind, just check it out! (geek stuff, I swear).

Again, thank you My Two Caps for the nomination, and I hope anyone reading this will enjoy the blogs listed above!

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